About Us

Our history, activities


Our company, Hexán Chemical Refinery, Chargers & Trading Co., MOL has established a 100% owned subsidiary company on May 2 1989th. The MOL Group in Central and Eastern Europe is a leading integrated oil and gas company, which has a large concentration of international exploration and production portfolio.

In the summer of 2011, MOL decided on our course of growth and development at a minimum. At all times a reliable source is behind us, as it is located on the territory of the Danube Refinery Company and the terms of supply security already given us. We provide fast and flexible service for our customers. 2012th (market research, liaison with customers, contract) is completing nine -member expert team of commercial activities from January 1.

Our main activity is generated in the beginning of the Danube Petroleum Company refinery process technology, bottling and marketing of fine chemicals and international quality plant was finished, but since then we have been through a dynamic development, and continuously expand our activities.


Currently, the company carries out the following activities for their own account system:

  • The production, bottling and wholesale distribution of hydrocarbon types of fine chemicals
  • Thinner, production, bottling and distribution of household chemical products for small and large trade
  • Cleaning, cleansing liquids production, wholesale
  • 2012th September month sales of hardcover and paraffin

Under a production agreement since March 1. 2003 and MOL concluded:

  • Presentation of one liter of refined petroleum to be sold in packages of MOL petrol stations
  • Tanks, barrels, CANS composition contents produced by the Duna refinery chemicals, IBC
  • Production of fuels other than Standards
  • Manufacture of custom, special needs products
  • Removing MTBE purified


Our company is responsible for high quality hydrocarbon products (fine chemicals, solvents, thinners, and aromatic hydrocarbons, special spirits, non- standard fuels) to meet our customers needs. We believe that our products meet the requirements of the market. We hope that our product quality and application used in the manufacture of quality and environmental management systems in the economy make our company successful.

We aim to keep our products in the production and sales of busy market position, also constant work and sustained marketing of new products, the acquisition of new markets, the introduction of any new technology, our company introduction.

Our leadership in both quality and environmental protection as a top priority, from there has realized that in order to achieve goals and meet high level customers requirements and achieve customer satisfaction while protecting the environment is also essential.

Therefore, we assume that the relevant environmental regulatory requirements, regulatory requirements, companies meet the other requirements, to continuously improve our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution and take the necessary steps.
In addition, we undertake to complete our activities built quality and environmental management systems are constantly improving.

Since its establishment, the company has gone through dynamic development and has expanded its business steadily. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company we have.


  • Richter Gedeon
  • Sanofi
  • Reanal Labor
  • Suzuki
  • Mol Group