Bio-additiveless fuel oil - KN code :27101943

Fuel for standby power generators, as well as a base material for fuel safety reserves, which can be stored over long periods.

Due to the indefinite time of use of the fuel stored for standby power generators and of the fuel safety reserves, attention has to be paid to the following points:

1. Winter grade is to be stored, because you cannot foresee the weather conditions at the time of use; accordingly, winter grade has to be stored that can be used also in cold weather.

2. Fuels with bio-additive contents have rather limited storage periods without the risk of beginning decomposition. 

We can offer to deliver our winter grade bio-additiveless fuel oil to customers throughout the year, to fix both problems, and to increase significantly the operational reliability and availability.


  • Highly flammable liquid 
  • Ingestion or inhalation may be lethal.
  • Irritative to the skin.
  • Harmful when inhaled.
  • Toxic for aquatic life, causes long-term adverse effects.

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  • Richter Gedeon
  • Sanofi
  • Reanal Labor
  • Suzuki
  • Mol Group