N-Hexane - KN Code: 27101225

About N-Hexane

Normal-hexane (C6 fraction containing minimum 55% of n-hexane, as well as iso- and cycloparaffins)


It is used primarily as a solvent of chemical reactions (such as polymerisation of olefins catalysed by co-ordination complex compounds), as a pharmaceutical solvent, in the extraction of various vegetable oils, or in various adhesive compositions. It can also be used as a grease or oil solvent.


  • Furniture and textil factory
  • Felhasználás bevonatokban
  • Felhasználás tisztítószerekben
  • in the production of foaming materials
  • in agricultural chemicals
  • in laboratories
  • Polimer production
  • Polimer processing

Packaging: barell (200 l)

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  • Richter Gedeon
  • Sanofi
  • Reanal Labor
  • Suzuki
  • Mol Group