Nitro-solvent - KN code: 38140090

General features

Each paint type has its typical thinner/solvent. These are often incompatible. Another important feature of thinners is the speed of evaporation. If a paint coat dries too quickly, the time is not sufficient for spreading out to a smooth, even layer. If it dries too slowly, the paint can flow down on vertical surfaces and absorb a lot of dust. The following picture contains the solvents used in thinners and their relative speed of evaporation. (The combination of appropriate solvents allows elaborating almost all evaporation velocities requested.)

  • Nitro-solvent dissolves the (semi-)solid binders and helps the formation of homogeneous mixtures from binders, pigments and additives.
  • It serves as an agent that helps to bring the paint from the box to the surface.
  • It provides for the proper viscosity of the paint to facilitate the formation of smooth, even paint layers.


  • For thinning paints and varnishes,
  • for cleaning tools.


  • Highly flammable.
  • Harmful in case of inhalation or skin contact.
  • Risk of serious damage to eyes.
  • Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness.

Packaging: Jug (5 litres)


  • Density at 15 degrees C: 0.800-0.840 g/cm3
  • • Colourless liquid

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  • Richter Gedeon
  • Sanofi
  • Reanal Labor
  • Suzuki
  • Mol Group