Road building bitumen 35/50 - KN code: 27132000

General Features

The properties of bitumen is basically determined by the forming material, which is petroleum. The quality of bitumen is determined by its components: paraffins, asphalt resin, oil and the amount of asphaltenes in crude oil. The density of the bitumen ranges from 950 to 1300 kg/m3 (25 ° Cos temperature). Black shiny fracture, low melting material. Due to continuous heating it becomes soft, flexible and finally becomes liquid. However, after cooling solidifies again.

  • The rock particles will be involved well
  • It has good adhesion property
  • Wide temperature range usability
  • At low temperature it is non-rigid, not prone to cracking
  • It does not suffer structural changes at the temperature of the asphalt production temperatures. Properly heat resistant.


  • Road construction
  • Pothole repair

The bitumen is the binder of asphalt pavements and bitominous pavement layers, because it is the one witch holds the inorganic components (sand, ballast, most commonly limestone) of asphalt together.

Emergency overview:

  • Hazard
  • The solid bitumens have no environmental or health effects
  • Care must be taken about water-free quality of bitumen because the water gets foamed in hot bitumen, what would cause danger of scalding
  • Hot bitumento induce skin can causes burns. Wearing personal protective equipment is recommended.
  • In case of fire must not be put out with water.
  • These materials are flammable therefore extinguishing materials (sand, fire-extinguisher), prohibition signs shall be place
Packaging: barrel (62 kg)

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