Xilene - KN code: 29023000

General features

Colourless liquids with characteristic odour. They are insoluble in water and unrestrictedly miscible with organic solvents like ether and carbon disulphide. When xylenes are mixed with alcohol, the solution is hazy at the beginning, and then the addition of further alcohol makes it clear. Xylenes are extremely flammable compounds.


  • Xylene is used as a solvent for dissolving natural and synthetic resins, fats and greases, waxes, bitumens, tars. 
  • It is suitable for dissolving and manufacturing varnishes, paints printing inks, adhesives, building protection chemicals, insecticides, etc.


  • Extinguishing media: CO2, extinguishing powder, alcohol-resistant foam. 
  • Cannot be extinguished by water. 
  • Hazardous decomposition products are carbon dioxide, or carbon monoxide in case of incomplete combustion. 
  • Xylene vapours are heavier then air, and produce explosive mixtures with air. 
  • Electrostatic charging has to be prevented. 
  • Do not enter the hazardous zone without chemically suitable protective clothing and isolated breathing apparatus. 
  • Harmful to health in case of inhalation or skin contact.

Packaging: Barrel (200 litres), jug (5 litres)


  • Density at 15 degrees C: 0.881-0.887 g/cm3
  • Clear, colourless, highly volatile liquid with characteristic odour

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